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Tips for Making a Virtual Tour of Your Property

Tips for Making a Virtual Tour of Your Property

The more eyes that see your property, the wider your pool of rental candidates will be. But that’s not the safest way to show your unit, and hosting walk-throughs can be time-consuming. Take advantage of technology that will give you an edge. Try these tips for making a virtual tour of your property.

Understand the Purpose

Any rental listing will benefit from more visuals, but a 3D virtual tour is more than just a video. With a virtual tour, the renter is in the driver’s seat and can control what they look at and from which angle. It can make them feel more confident about the video’s accuracy so that there are no in-person surprises. Your approach will be different than if you’re filming a simple video.

Select the Right Software

If you’re new to panorama filming, make sure you work with an app you can handle. You can find free and open-source software that will help you create a tour with a variety of bells and whistles. Keep it simple when you’re starting. Zillow’s free app states that you can make your virtual tour with just 30 minutes and an iPhone.

Remember Staging

A virtual tour doesn’t add a magic filter that makes a property look better. In fact, it needs to be in great shape from top to bottom for digital inspection. Make sure the unit is as clean as it would be for an in-person visit. You’re trying to present a space that’s move-in ready—somewhere the potential candidate can envision a life. Declutter so that it looks more spacious, and remove any personal items from view. Make sure it’s not too stark, though, with some homey-but-anonymous touches like plants and appliances.

Strategize the Route

One of the most useful tips for making a virtual tour of your property is to choreograph it like a pro. Open up with a shot that capitalizes on curb appeal and welcomes virtual visitors through the door. Present them with one of the home’s most enticing highlights next—a fully equipped kitchen or a living room with a spectacular view—and pace the video from there. Make sure you include all the notable amenities and outdoor spaces.

If you’re accustomed to hosting walkthroughs, keep that sensibility in mind as you guide prospective renters virtually. It’s an ideal way to present the property with transparency while optimizing its selling points. Many owners prefer 3D filming to on-location tours already. Embrace the technology, and find out what it can do for you.

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