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How To Keep Schools Safe During COVID-19

How To Keep Schools Safe During COVID-19

While many schools have opted to move to online learning, just as many have endeavored to continue in-person education for the most effective learning environment. However, how do schools keep their students safe in the middle of a pandemic? Do they decide to Learn More about commercial cleaning and how freshly washed surfaces can prevent its spread? Do they follow all the safety guidelines that have been implemented by the government? If you’re not sure, allow us to offer some insight on how to keep schools safe during COVID-19.

Physical Distancing

How do you accomplish effective physical distancing in a school where kids must share classrooms and packed hallways with each other? For starters, desks should be at least three feet apart from each other and schools should endeavor to use spaces outside as much as possible to avoid cramming everyone into enclosed spaces. Hallways should be organized and marked with details to help kids stay spaced out while smoothly directing the flow of traffic. Eliminate socializing in the halls to keep them free from as many people as possible.

Routine Testing

While it’s not feasible for schools to test kids for symptoms every single day, the school should instead maintain close contact with families of students to ensure they are being closely monitored for symptoms. If anything appears slightly off, they should keep that student home for a sick day until they are certain the child does not have COVID-19 symptoms. If symptoms are observed at school, isolate the student immediately and find out who they have been in contact with.

Regular Hygiene

Schools should make face masks, either cloth face masks or disposable medical masks, mandatory for every student. Especially critical because of reduced social distancing, limiting the spread of germs between students and school property will be crucial in your plans of how to keep schools safe during COVID-19. In addition, students should be frequently washing their hands throughout the day as they will be in contact with objects touched by many others.

Consistent Sanitation

In a situation as dire as a pandemic, your janitorial staff will not be able to keep your school sanitized and disinfected on their own. Professional cleaning services are a necessary investment as they provide specialized equipment and training to give your school a thorough cleaning. Between these professionals and your janitorial staff, your school will have consistent, around-the-clock sanitation.

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Last modified: February 1, 2021