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How To Create a Good Sleep Environment for Your Baby

How To Create a Good Sleep Environment for Your Baby

When a new baby arrives, most parents accept that sleep will inevitably become a thing of the past. You can avoid losing some sleep (baby brains are still adjusting to their sleep/wake cycles, after all), but you can still do your part to set up your baby for a good night’s sleep. Learning how to create a good sleep environment for your baby is the first step.

Consider Light and Color

Baby eyes are still developing, and bright, harsh lights can work against helping your baby relax. Use softer bulbs that mimic natural light, and if possible, try to incorporate dimmer switches in the room. When it’s time for sleep, though, you want to keep out all light, natural or otherwise. Installing blackout curtains will prevent streetlights or early sunrises from waking your baby prematurely.

Light applies to not only the bulbs in the room, but also the colors. Although babies’ eyesight isn’t the best, babies can still see colors, and certain colors are bound to affect their mood. Harsh colors aren’t as conducive to a good night’s sleep as gentler colors, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing your nursery color scheme.

Use Proper Crib Bedding

Baby bodies are different than grown-up bodies, so they require different bedding to stay comfortable and safe. For instance, babies have much softer bones that require a greater level of support. Firmer mattresses are much better suited for young sleepers. Also, swaddling babies helps them feel comfortable and secure, almost like being held. It also keeps them from swatting themselves in their sleep and waking themselves up.

Use a Monitor

Babies get up to all sorts when they’re alone. They can wake up, clamber around, throw things and sometimes even fall out of their crib if they’re adventurous enough. By using a monitor, you can keep an eye on your baby even when you’re in another room. Whilst you should spend as much time with your baby as possible, there will be times when you’re in another part of the house doing chores. Take a look at the UK’s number 1 video baby monitors if you’re looking for a monitor to suit you – they can be incredibly helpful in keeping your baby safe when they’re alone.

Set the Ideal Temperature

Babies have a harder time regulating their body temperatures. It’s easy for them to become overheated, so making sure the room is cool is essential to creating a good sleep environment for your baby. Keeping the room between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Ensuring your baby’s clothes and swaddling blanket are as breathable as possible will also keep your baby at the right temperature.

Avoid Complete Silence

Your first instinct when someone is sleeping is probably to quiet down, but complete silence isn’t always ideal for infants. That’s because the inside of a body isn’t completely silent, and that’s the world newborns are used to. That’s why many newborns actually fall asleep better with a little background noise. Putting on a quiet noisemaker and speaking softly to your baby may soothe your baby into a perfect slumber.

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