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Answers to Most Common Questions on Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification

Do you already know how AWS technology works and want to become a professional in using its architectures? Then you should definitely add the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification to your resume. This is the ideal opportunity for anyone with prior experience to leverage their career and master AWS solutions without problems. As the accreditation exam that goes with code SAP-C01 is not easy, we created this article to answer some of the most common questions about it. So you can have what you need for a future in AWS technology. From learning about migration services like Logicata to changing EC2 instance types, you will have all you need to take on this challenge. Are you ready to learn everything about this assessment?

Which Are Skills Developed by SAP-C01?

If you want to pass SAP-C01 and receive the certification for Solutions Architect Professional, you will need to demonstrate that you possess the following skills:

  • Design performant and safe applications using AWS solutions;
  • Choose the appropriate services developed by AWS to respond to different challenges and requirements;
  • Migrate different multi-tier apps on AWS architecture;
  • Design and manage scalable operations on AWS infrastructure;
  • Implement efficient strategies to control and ensure business performance.

Are There Any Recommended Prerequisites?

First of all, exam-takers should demonstrate that they have at least 2 years of prior experience using AWS architecture. Also, their chances to pass their test are higher if they have knowledge of using a scripting language and know how to work with Windows and Linux services. In addition, a candidate who knows how to efficiently map the objectives and find the appropriate AWS service to achieve them has higher chances to become a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional.

Which Is Exam Structure?

AWS doesn’t give full details on how many questions exam-takers will receive in SAP-C01 assessment. However, if you download the test blueprint, you will discover that they give some useful information. For example, you should know that you will receive two types of questions on the exam day. You will need to solve multiple-choice items and choose the right answers in multiple response questions. At the end of the test paper, there might be also some unscored questions. To know more, you will be given 180 minutes to solve all the test questions and will have to pay $300 to be considered for SAP-C01.

Any Tips and Tricks to Pass AWS Certification Exam for Solutions Architect Professional?

The best strategy that exam-takers can use to perform excellently in SAP-C01 assessment is to take their training seriously. Even though it might seem impossible, students can pass this exam from the initial attempt if they use the appropriate training materials. So, where should you start? The immediate answer to this question is the vendor’s website. There, you will find instructor-led training, video materials, or online classes that you can attend to easily get the passing score in your SAP-C01.


Passing SAP-C01 test for acquiring the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification is not rocket science as long as you have the necessary experience and study hard to develop the right skills. Understanding the exam requirements and using appropriate training materials will help you ace your score in this assessment. Good luck!

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