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How To Keep Your Young Footballers Active During The Pandemic

Just because the coronavirus pandemic made us all stuck inside our houses doesn’t mean you should stop yourselves from being fit. As for your football kids, make sure they can still burn off energy and stay active during this pandemic. It is crucial for their well-being and it can also stop them from bouncing off the walls because of boredom.

Below are tips on how you can keep your football kids active during the pandemic.

Have a routine

Set a schedule for your kids’ daily workouts so they have something to look forward to every day. You may also be flexible, but having a routine can help to improve their self-discipline.

With this, they can also manage their time better and be focused on getting their set goals done by the end of the day. It still varies from one kid to another and it also depends on other commitments you may have. Keep in mind that routines don’t always fit with family life and work.

Improvise and be creative

Even if you’re more used to lifting weights at the local gym, or jumping on trampolines at the leisure centre, this is the perfect chance to get creative and you can encourage your kids to join in too.

You can fill up water bottles for weight resistance, you can also use hula hoops to add to your workout. You can use the sofa to do push-ups, you can lift a bag of rice. It’s your time to bond with your kids and be inventive with things around your home.

You can also check www.gamedayr.com as reference when you plan to start improvising football gear and equipment for your kid to use.

Encourage your kids

During these days, it may be difficult to motivate kids to try something new-especially with a lot going on, productivity seems to be on hold. Your kids may also be missing their friends, their teammates and the space of the football fields, or the routine of school. But encouraging exercise is necessary for their health and well-being as well.

As a tip, the main key to motivate kids is to make it fun and engaging-like using TikTok to make the exercise a lot more entertaining.

You can also make it a challenge. Help your kid to set an age-appropriate exercise goal, such as a 30-minute cardio workout per week or 50 push-ups in a row, to motivate them to keep moving.

Final words

When you’re going through a difficult time and you’re stuck indoors all day, it can be hard to think about taking exercise or working out. But for adults and kids alike, staying fit can do wonders for both our physical and mental health. Due to all of the benefits of exercise, it might be a good idea to consider purchasing a Fitbit to track all of the exercises that you’re doing. These can even be fun for children to have, especially with the selection of colored replacement bands on websites like Mobile Mob. Fitbit’s usually have the option to set daily exercise goals, so this could be motivation for the young footballers to go and practice their skills.

With a combination of a healthy diet and regular physical activity, your kid can stay fit while having the best times with you as well. Take these small steps to build your kid’s foundation to a lifetime of good health.

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