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How to Increase the Value of Your Vacation Rental Property

While you’re getting your rental property ready for a busy season, keep in mind that it’s a great time to up your home’s value. Guests are coming to your property for vacation after looking at many holiday rental ideas, and will be expecting the very best from their lodging-simple updates that can provide just that. Check out this guide on how to increase the value of your vacation rental property.

Decorate properly

A décor-less home can feel empty and uninviting, while an over-decorated home may be overwhelming and cluttered. Strike a balance with intentional decorations. Guests will appreciate some small and subtle reminders about where they are. Try to stick to décor that relates to Florida. Neutral walls with pops of color and perhaps a hexagon light fixture are a great way to increase your vacation rental’s property value, too. The most important thing to remember is to leave room for guests to set their items and live. Coffee table books may jazz up a room, but coupled with candles, decorations, and other items, your guests will be left with nowhere to put their coffee cup. Keep your home welcoming and useful for your guests while making sure it’s up to par for the photos.

Update your bathroom

It’s important for your bathroom to be up-to-date and that it doesn’t have any out-of-date features. If you know that your bathroom would benefit from a complete overhaul or just needs a few upgrades, it might be worth checking out CP Hart designer bathrooms. Maybe it’s not in the budget or time frame to do a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, but there are smaller ways you can update these essential rooms. Vacation rentals with updated kitchens and bathrooms are often the rooms that make or break a guest’s decision to stay again. If your kitchen has outdated appliances, invest in new ones. Update all your hardware from the kitchen cabinet handles to the bathroom faucets. If you’re worried about carrying out these plumbing tasks yourself, just contact a Plumber Cottage Grove MN (or a local plumber to you). This will make the bathroom renovation project much easier and stress-free! These small and subtle changes can make more of a difference than many realize. Another cheap and easy renovation for your kitchen is to add a backsplash; you can even get a stick-on backsplash that is nearly indistinguishable from a real tiled one. This can up your property value instantly-and get you more bookings!

Groom your outdoor space

Curb appeal does a lot for property and can help the value skyrocket. The outdoor space in your vacation rental property is paramount, as many people visit Florida to enjoy the weather and spend time outdoors. Lighting the driveway and walking pathways leading to your home can make the property more appealing to the eye. Light can be used to guide eyes to focal points, such as house numbers, front doors, and other useful spaces. Another update that greatly increases vacation rental property value is investing in a pool cage enclosure. These help your guests enjoy your views and pool even during the wet season.

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