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Let Me School You About Home Buyers With Young Children

Buying a home at any stage in life can be stressful, particularly for families with younger children. Affordability, location and safety remain paramount in their search for the ideal home but the quality of nearby schools is a top consideration factor for these buyers.

Luckily, Coral Gables offers a number of impressive education options including renowned magnet programs and international studies, including International Studies Preparatory Academy, Henry S. West Laboratory School, and Sunset Elementary. There are also several stellar private school options including Gulliver Academy, Riviera Day School and Preparatory School, and St. Philip’s Episcopal School, all nestled within the City Beautiful footprint.

When showcasing home buying options to young families, my team and I always ask how important location and school access is in their search. If a client deems school location to be a top priority, we scour the system for homes for sale that fit their criteria. Living near a school, afterall, provides convenience and often an immediate sense of community as other kids attending the school live nearby. We do caution, however, about the pros and cons of living too close to a given school because of the increase in morning and afternoon traffic on weekdays. This is not limited to the street where a school is located but also to key surrounding streets that may serve as cut through options.

How do we monitor this? We often show homes near a school during student release time to best identify traffic patterns and busy-ness. Yes. We are not only Realtors but traffic cops as well!

There are many considerations we take into account for our clients, particularly this subset which are really looking to make treasured memories with their growing children. Typical property attributes that are in high demand with this clientele in Coral Gables are renovated, spacious homes, large kitchens, backyard and playroom space, a pool, backyard shed (check out she shed designs here), and storage options. After all, kids have a lot of stuff. Add a nearby park and we typically have a winner!

Of course, not all homes check all the boxes but prioritizing wants and needs is a requirement at any stage in the buying process. So…if you want to buy a home for your young family, old family, or single-life, contact us and we will be equally meticulous with your wishlists and traffic patterns!

Carole Smith has consistently been among the top five Realtors in Coral Gables for over 20 years. Assisting hundreds of families find their place in the world in Coral Gables has been among her most significant professional accomplishments.

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