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Creative Expressions

As you read the following statements, think about what they have in common. Watching a five-year-old at summer camp paint a picture of a lion and a butterfly sitting on a flower – and smiling ear-to-ear. Walking around an art fair and admiring the many different forms of the fine arts – paintings, sculptures, pottery, metal crafting, jewelry. Listening to a band at a summer parade and singing along to a favorite tune. Dancing with a two-year-old for the first time and teaching him how to dance, by shaking their hips, their arms and hearing them laugh a belly-laugh.

Original artwork by Frederic Gabriel.

These are all forms of art – a way to creatively and artistically express your feelings. Creativity is the soul of any art. The soul of music. The soul of drawings, paintings and sculptures. While there are several different art categories, the two most common are the fine arts and the performing arts. What are these arts? And what is the difference between the two of them?

Fine Arts – an art that allows us ways to express feelings, emotions, opinions or tastes through visual means. Fine arts are sometimes judged for its beauty and craftsmanship and samples may include photography, painting, sculpting and drawing. Those associated with the field of fine arts are considered artists.

Performing Arts – an art that allows us way to express an opinion, emotion, feeling or taste through means of performance. It mainly relates to ‘art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression.’ It incorporates dance, music, opera and theatre, and forms like magic and/or illusion, more. Actors, comedians, dancers, magicians, musicians and singers, are usually the ones that are associated with the field of performing arts. They are considered ‘performers’.

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