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5 Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Have you noticed that orchids are blooming? Are you enjoying the longer days? It’s undeniable, it’s technically spring. Let’s open up our homes and enjoy the great outdoors.

Whether you’re embarking on a remodel for your outdoor space or just looking to remix and revamp your existing furniture, here are five design ideas to get you inspired and ready to launch your next pool party.

  1. Connecting Spaces – Creating a connection between your indoor and outdoor rooms is important so that the space flows smoothly and your home feels open, airy, inviting and full of light. It’s essential to create traffic patterns that intuitively guide your guests from one space to the other. Let’s start by measuring your outdoor space, if you have a pool include it in your sketch. Mark your doorways and windows.
  2. Defining the Areas – When designing an outdoor space, you want every area to have a purpose. Think about the activities that normally take place and those that you would like to incorporate. Some of these activities could be: grilling/cooking, bar area, conversation, relaxation, sun-bathing and possibly even dancing! You can use different hardscape materials to define a zone. For example, an area under an awning can have a different stone than the surrounding section of the pool area. Planters and/or shrubs can be used to define borders. Outdoor rugs are a great way to define a specific space; place one under a two- or three-seat outdoor sofa with a couple of side chairs and coffee table, and you have created a conversation zone. After defining your zones make a list of the outdoor furniture pieces with dimensions so you can size your outdoor space accordingly.
  3. The Elements and Shelter – Yes, the sun near the equator doesn’t just tan, it burns. And when it rains it pours. The biggest challenge for us are the elements. The furniture that you ultimately purchase will be exposed, and subject, to the environment. While planning and making your furniture list make sure to consider the orientation of your outdoor space, if you’re sheltered from the wind/rain and how much direct sunlight your furniture will be exposed to. If you don’t have an awning or pergola it would be a good time to consider adding one to offer a sheltered space for your guests to take refuge.
  4. Intimacy and Privacy – We’ve mastered the zone creation. From the cozy conversation space to the bustling of plates and laughter of our dining area. But what happens if you want to relax by the pool in your lounge chair, but you can see your neighbor saying hello? If privacy is one of your concerns it may be time to add a fence, tall landscaping or a decorative divider wall (with hanging orchids!) between you and your neighbors to add privacy to your outdoor pad.
  5. Furniture Materials – Choosing the right pieces of furniture and decor to add to the glam, comfort and style of your outdoors is the final step to opening your doors for the ultimate get together. My top three outdoor materials that withstand the inclement weather are: aluminum, powder coated metal and teak. Aluminum is very popular, strong, not too heavy, and rust proof. Powder coated metal can come in fun colors, and is corrosion, heat and impact resistant. Teak is weather resistant to the most extreme conditions. Its natural oils and resins protect the wood from pests and bugs. To top it off, it ages with style and beauty from a honey brown color into an elegant patina grey.

Keep in mind a realistic and healthy budget as you make your shopping list. But most importantly remember to have fun while you pick and choose your furniture pieces so you can ultimately enjoy your outdoor space to the max!

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Adriana Jacir is founder and owner of 2112 Design Studio. With a master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University in NYC, she offers more than 15 years of experience in the architecture and interior design business. A proud resident of the Palmetto Bay-Pinecrest area. PH: 786.732.0123 – www.2112designstudio.com – Instagram: @2112designs– Email: info@2112designstudio.com

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