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Book Fair Welcomes Miami Native and Bestselling Author Zack Bush

Kicking off December 11, the 35th annual Miami Book fair brings more than 400 authors to the Magic City for a week of all things literary. It’s perfect for if you’re just a massive bookworm who wants to meet your favorite authors or if you’re an aspiring author who wants to learn things like how to market a book or how to make a pitch to publishing companies! The pros will be there to answer any questions you have. In addition to big-ticket names like Tina Brown, Lawrence Wright and Liane Moriarty, this year’s fair welcomes local favorite Zack Bush. The Ball & Chain owner and Pinecrest native is riding high on the success of his children’s book, “Made for Me,” a father’s ode to his love for his child. Bush, who has sold more than 25,000 copies since the book’s March release, will speak on December 18th at 12:30 p.m but we caught up with him pre-festival for a quick chat…

As a business owner (and husband and dad) where did you find the time to write the book and what’s your advice to other aspiring creatives?

I found the time mostly at night, when the wife and babies were sleeping. That being said, I also made the time in spare moments here and there. Inspiration is a funny thing-you never know when it’s going to strike! My advice to others is to let nobody and let nothing stand in your way. With anything in this world you have to make your own magic. The only thing stopping you is you. I truly believe this.

You’re a Miami native and someone who is very much a part of the city’s growth and evolution, what does it mean to you be a part of the Miami Book Fair?

I am beyond excited to be included and part of the Miami Book Fair. For me, the Book Fair has long been this incredible event and celebration. It also brings “Made For Me” a bit full circle. I spent a good portion of 18 months in Books & Books (Coral Gables) re-writing, editing and reviewing “Made For Me.” It is there I met [Books & Books Founder] Mitchell Kaplan who has been incredibly supportive. I am honored to be included in the Miami Book Fair.

What book has had the most impact on your life or has inspired you, either as a child or an adult?

Too many to name. When I was writing, the book that kept coming to mind is “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” Of course “Made For Me” is a book about the tender moments a father has and shares with his new child, but I also wanted it to be the kind of book you can give to a child at any time or in any phase of his/her life. This is part of the incredible magic of “Oh The Places You’ll Go.”

For more information on the Miami Book Fair and a full listing of events and authors visit miamibookfair.com

Andrea Carneiro
Author: Andrea Carneiro

Andrea Carneiro
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