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Florida State Softball Star Carsyn Gordon Sits Down for a Q&A

There are a lot of players from Miami that go on to college and pro levels in their respected sport, including baseball, soccer, swimming, football and many more. Carsyn Gordon is one of those players. She is heading into her senior year at Florida State University, where she is a member of the softball team, and a former utility player from Coral Reef High School. Recently, she sat down for an interview about softball and life.

When did you start playing softball and who got you involved in the game?

My brother, TJ, is two years older than me and I grew up going to his practices and games. I saw him playing baseball so of course being the little sister I wanted to play as well. When he would have practice I would make my dad hit me endless ground balls and fly balls. I started playing Rec ball when I was 8 and travel ball when I was 9.

Growing up in Miami and playing for Coral Reef high school how was your softball experience growing up and in high school?

My softball experience at Reef was definitely one to remember. In the four years that I was there, I feel like I can confidently say that my teammates and I turned the program around and made players want to go to Reef to play softball. It was a lot of fun because I grew up with a lot of the girls that went to rival schools.

What was it like winning states in 2013?

It was definitely one to remember. The emotions throughout each of the games were crazy and we had a great run! Go Cudas!

Some great memories in high school involving softball?

For sure winning states and making it to states the next two years, winning districts and GMAC’s (Great Midwest Athletic Conference), traveling the country for travel ball with the Miami Stingrays. So many great memories that softball has given me.

Why was Florida State the best decision for you?

FSU was the best decision for me because once I stepped foot on campus I had that feeling of it being a home to be. I loved the coaches; they always had a smile and were so welcoming. The facilities there are awesome. I felt like FSU was a place for me to grow and excel.

What are some of the best memories of this 2018 season leading up to the championship?

The 2018 season will never be forgotten. So many ups and downs, so many fun times, so many laughs, so many tears. It goes all the way back to the fall when we did The Program, which is a group of military men that put us through “training” for a whole weekend, to winning ACCs and being named the cardiac kids, to winning regionals, to losing our first super regional game, to a 11 inning game, to a first game loss in the WCWS, to winning the whole thing. So many memories that could probably take up to three hours if you let me ramble on.

Can you explain the feeling once you and your team held that trophy up?

It was definitely an indescribable feeling. The feeling that all my hard work since I was 6 finally paid off. The feeling of all my sacrifices I’ve made to put work in for this sport I love, finally paid off. The feeling of all the belief and trust my parents, coaches and family put in me, finally paid off. The feelings of being the first ACC team to win it and the first team at FSU to win it, a feeling I will cherish for the rest of my life.

With one more year left at FSU, what are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to giving my all to the program and having the time of my life with the family that Coach Alameda has created at FSU.

What are your future plans after college?

My plans for after college are to hopefully make it to the Olympics with the Puerto Rican national team.  And then after that, I plan on moving back to South Florida and finding a job.

The Puerto Rican native and Palmetto Bay resident from Coral Reef High School and the Howard Palmetto Stingrays softball program. At Coral Reef, she won the 8A state championship in 2013 and a semifinalist in 2014. She was named to the Miami-Dade County First Team in her first three years and earned the 2014 Miami-Dade County Player of the Year. She hit .621 with seven homeruns and 25 RBI. At FSU, Gordon has been named to the 2016 All-ACC Second Team, 2017 ACC All-Tournament Team, 2018 All-ACC Academic Team, 2018 All-ACC Academic Team, 2018 NFCA Southeast All-Region First Team, and 2018 NCAA National Champion. At FSU this past season she lead the team and the ACC 60 runs, 54 walks, 11 doubles, four triples, 12 homeruns, 51 RBI and 19 stolen bases.

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