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March 2018 Edition : Coral Gables • South Miami • Coconut Grove

As proud members of the South Florida community, our hearts were broken to learn of the terrible tragedy our neighbors in Parkland have faced this past month. Watching them, it’s impossible not to look at our own students and schools and feel worried, scared and sad. But, in the wake of such an unthinkable event, we are also given hope by the many students, parents and community leaders who have shown such incredible strength in trying times.

We, as a community-focused magazine, have always been dedicated to giving recognition and voice to the teachers and students who populate our public and private schools… and lucky for us there are many to celebrate. This month we are proud to showcase Ms. Kathryn Garciga, whose dedication and desire to think outside the box has resulted in her being the first in the state to implement a classwide virtual reality teaching initiative. Moving forward, we welcome input from the surrounding community about inspiring teachers and students and we look forward to continuing to place the spotlight on the positive people making a difference in our neighborhood and our world.

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Last modified: February 26, 2018