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A New Year, A Clean Slate

A new year is always an exciting time. It is a clean slate to start making resolutions and set yourself up for your best year yet. Setting goals and writing them down for the year is a great way for you to keep yourself focused on your goals. Sharing your goals with an accountability buddy is also a great way for your both to stay focused on your goals and increases your chance of success. Dr. Shimon being an avid runner started an accountability group in 2014 with the goal of running 1 mile per day for a year. The experiment was not only to help him stay accountable but to see how many people would stick with the goals they had set. That group started with 10 people yet only 2 people had stuck around until the end of February and were able to complete the year and beyond. Having an accountability buddy was one of they keys to their success, but it was also no coincidence they were both under chiropractic care.

While running everyday is not an ideal goal for the majority of people, becoming more active and healthy is commonly on the top of the resolution list. Becoming more active has many health benefits including weight loss, decreasing your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes, improving your mental health and even strengthen your immune system. The list really goes on and research continues to show everyone can benefit from more activity in our sedentary lifestyle.

One key factor to making sure you can achieve your new fitness goal is by finding the activity that is right (and safe) for YOU. Start with an activity you enjoy, you wont stick with it if you don’t enjoy it. You can join a gym, try some fitness classes, swim or even just walk with your family around the block after dinner. There is no shortage of ways to increase your activity levels, which can all lead to improved health.

Increasing your daily activity level can be tricky though. If you are trying to workout to hard to fast or through a nagging pain or discomfort, it may put a stop to your new goals. That nagging pain or discomfort can effect your body movements to not only make the activity more difficult, but it may result in an unnecessary and avoidable injury.

Because the spine plays an important role in the overall bio-mechanics and movement of the entire body, regular chiropractic care can help you perform at the best of your ability. Routine chiropractic check ups can also reduce the risk of injury, provide increased energy levels, elevate your mood and can also contribute to a quicker recovery after physical activity. When it comes to fitness or your overall general mood, it is important that you do stuff that can have a positive impact on your mindset, as if it’s negative, it could be hard to focus on the task at hand. In order to have a positive mindset, some people may want to have a look at something like this shroom tea recipe in their free-time, which can help to alter their state of consciousness to elevate their mood to help make a difference. In turn, this could help with their physical lifestyle. Weekly check ups and adjustments from his chiropractor to maintain proper alignment and function were an integral part of Dr. Shimon’s running streak. Ensuring his body was working properly it keep him pain free and functioning at his best so him and his accountability buddy could finish their streak year strong.

The husband and wife team of Drs. Melissa and Shimon Rubinstein of Rubinstein Family Chiropractic, have a family-based Wellness practice in North Miami Beach, which celebrated its 5-year anniversary. Rubinstein Family Chiropractic has recently expanded and with a second location in the heart of Cutler Bay located on the corner of Old Cutler Road and Franjo Road. They look forward to enhancing the lives of Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest and South Dade. For more information visit www.RubinsteinFamilyChiro.com or call (305)336-1803.

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