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Sunday, October 13, 2019
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Building Relationships Through Music

Music. It’s all around us as we start the fall season – football games, NASCAR races, baseball games. Whether it’s the National Anthem, half-time shows, or team fight songs, all of us either sing, clap our hands, tap our feet, dance to the beat, or listen quietly. Music helps form our attitudes and moods. If the National Anthem, is playing our mood is more of a serious nature. If the fight song is playing, our attitude is more playful and excited.

There is no substitute for music as it relates to personal growth and development.  With this in mind, why don’t more children learn music in the school setting? And if they join the band in elementary or middle school, why do so many drop their study of music within the first two years? Why don’t adults join a choir or a band? Are we aware of the positive benefits of learning music?

There is far more to playing in a band than purchasing an instrument, taking private lessons, adding music class to the school schedule, and rehearsing for a concert. It gives us a roadmap for success; success in all avenues of life. The learned skills needed to excel in music are transferable to every academic subject and every phase of life.

The character values we seek in leadership roles, are taught in band. Music shapes the lives of our “leaders of tomorrow” through the ethical habits they establish each day in rehearsal.  Learning music embraces all forms of cognitive learning. It teaches us the value of teamwork and how to be an effective team player, nourishes the love of learning, encourages cultural awareness, promotes cooperative flexibility, develops self-discipline, extends understanding, and helps us form friendships that last a lifetime.

There is amazing satisfaction in coming together as a team for a common goal. With music, teamwork is very different from that of a sports team, where the goal is to defeat opponents in games. The teamwork in music is about individual and group self-improvement, competition, hard work, and friendships.

When you are a member of a band, choir, or musical group, you share experiences with others that you may not have otherwise had the opportunity. You are frequently building new relationships. If your job moves you to another state, you can join another band or group, and start building new friendships. Music is a wonderful bridge between states. Music is a place for everyone … and is considered a universal language. It’s not too late. Visit your local music store, receive advice from an expert, and begin building relationships through music today!

Musicians Discount Center in Miami help you find the instrument that suits you and your needs. They are the one stop music shop that has been sharing their expertise with others for many years. They offer new and used instruments, instrument rentals, rent to own programs and music lessons. Stop in and let the sounds of music begin in your house today. Contact Musicians Discount Center at 305-255-9466 or visit them online at www.musiciansdiscountcenter.net.

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President/Publisher of The Florida Villager

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President/Publisher of The Florida Villager
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