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The Elements of Beauty

They say that love is blind, but beauty – on the other hand – can be seen. In Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Helena swoons over the handsome Dimitrius, but is soon rejected as she finds he only has eyes for the more attractive Hermia. In her jealous rant, Helena mentions that “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”…..perhaps in YOUR night’s dream Helena, because Cupid isn’t blind and it is in the eye of the beholder which sheds light on that inevitable first impression. The first handshake, the first hello, the ubiquitous introduction…all go hand in hand with the first look-see.

In my Coral Gables beauty practice, I see clients every day who long for help in the “I wanna be look-see-ready” department; they truly need to be taught the basics. What do I mean? I mean, most haven’t a clue as to how to apply make-up, or shape their eyebrows, or care for their skin. They wonder why their complexion is dry and where those dark spots came from. I ask them about sunscreen, eyecream and Retinoids and they raise an eyebrow. The first question I always ask clients, regardless of age, is what their daily regime is. To my constant surprise, most women I ask do not have a consistent skin-care and beauty regime. Most have never been educated about the basics of caring for their skin or even the fundamentals of make-up application. Most are unaware of how to proactively manage their skin on a daily basis, what products to use or how and when to use them. How can this be? As a child I was always acutely aware of skin care and esthetic balance as it pertains to make-up and eyebrows. I was always most interested in eyebrows because of how they balance the facial features, like Corinthian pillars. In the 80’s when all my friends gathered in a post Studio 54-esque plucking frenzy, I noticed how easily an ill-shaped brow threw off facial harmony. But it wasn’t just the brows, I noticed. It was the negative and positive shadows created by, what I later came to call, “The Four Elements of Harmonic Beauty”, as it pertains to hair: the hair on the head, the eyebrows, the eye lashes and any and all facial or body hair that create negative shadows (and should be removed).

Helping others tackle their esthetic imbalance came easily to me and I quickly grew passionate about all things beauty. So now, 30 years later, I am a multi-licensed beauty professional who has a gift for gab and a passion for educating and empowering all women, regardless of age and race, about how to care for themselves, head to toe. Here’s a little tip: beauty is not one size fits all. A skin care regime and a make-up routine is specific and individual to the bearer. Do you have a question about your skin or a make-up how to? Just ask me; I would love to answer your questions. I am thrilled that The Florida Villager has invited me to be their voice of beauty and provide you with answers to any and all questions you’ve always wanted to know, and more. Ciao for now…

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Rose Prieto
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