Business Spotlight

Against the Wind

Behind the scenes at Layze Systems is a study in not just design, but engineering. The Miami-based company produces outdoor accessories such as pergolas, awnings and fences for discerning clients, but the true draw for most (especially in South Florida)...

Dental Health

Straight Talk: July Edition

School is out for the summer- a time when many of us enjoy traveling, the beach, camp, and catching up on rest. Summer break also happens to be one of the most ideal times to begin orthodontic treatment. Why is...

Eye Care

The Science of Vision and Sports

Athletes know that the key to making game-winning decisions under pressure starts with having good situational awareness. Vision accounts for 80 percent of all sensory information that the brain receives, and a high-stress sports competition can push the limits of...

Dining Out

Would You Like Donut Fries with That?

Just ahead of the July 4th holiday, Dunkin' Donuts is bringing Donut Fries across America. Following a successful test earlier this year, Dunkin' Donuts today announced it will now bring new Donut Fries to guests all throughout the country, available...

Real Estate

Muhammad Ali’s Michigan Farm!

In 1975, almost ten years before Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he bought an 81-acre property in Berrien Springs, Michigan, insulated from city noise and crowds by the St. Joseph River which surrounds the lush green fields.  It...

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