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The Psychology of Weight Loss and The Ten Commandments

Obesity and body weight issues affect two-thirds of the country. Every year, dieters spend more than 100 billion dollars in mostly unsuccessful weight loss schemes. The obesity epidemic and its associated medical conditions threaten to bankrupt our healthcare system on...

Health & Wellness

The Benefits of Pilates For Runners

Most runners feel their running activities alone provide them with a well rounded exercise program. However, while running is great cardiovascular work, it can lead to imbalances in the body. Those imbalances can sideline runners and must be addressed in...

Travel News

Put Some Sugar Under Your Skis

Sugar Mountain, that is. Located in North Carolina, Sugar is a great way to get your skiing fix when time is a factor. With 125 acres of skiable terrain and 21 slopes, there is something for every level skier, including...

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