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In Our Schools

How to Smooth the Transition from Summer to School

The end of a lax summer schedule can be tough for kids. The start of early wake-up times, homework, music lessons, and extracurriculars can throw everyone into a tailspin. Preparation is the key to success. You can smooth the transition...

In Our Schools

Teachers’ Top Needs for 2019

Great classrooms don’t happen by accident. Teachers across the country work hard to build vibrant, energizing learning environments for their students, which often means everything from microscopes to pipe cleaners, graphic novels to oboes, class pets to field trips and...

In Our Schools

Back to School // Book Smart

With the beginning of school just around the corner, it’s so-long to lazy summer days and back to hitting the books. So, in the spirit of back-to-school, we turned to Miami native Lauren Bercuson Davis, the brains and words behind...

In Our Schools

Childhood is a Precious and Sacred Time

Since 1933, Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA) has educated children with a unique philosophy and methodology developed and first put into practice by its founder, Conchita Espinosa, in Havana, Cuba. Espinosa believed that every child deserves and has the right to...

Cutler BayIn Our Schools

Back to School Splash

Continuing its annual tradition, the Town of Cutler Bay held the Back to School Splash and Robotics Exhibition on Saturday, July 27, 2019, at Cutler Ridge Park. Drawing in over 400 attendees, the event was a fun family affair that...

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