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Shoes for Every Budget: Step into the New School Year with Style

The time for prepping kids to head back to the classroom is in full swing. In addition to checking off back-to-school supply lists, parents can expect to begin refreshing kids’ wardrobes, including new footwear.

Searching for reliable and stylish pairs of shoes is essential for students to start the school year off right. However, the process of shoe shopping and accommodating growing feet can be overwhelming for parents.

To get a head start on this year’s latest shoes, here are four back-to-school trends to try that cater to all budgets and are sure to help kids show off their confidence:

  1. Best in Court
    Court sneakers are a great choice due to their versatile and classic design that effortlessly blends with both casual outfits and uniforms, offering a stylish and timeless appeal. Their comfortable design also makes these sneakers a must-have for recess and P.E.
  2. Pop of Color
    Vibrant and eye-catching colors remain a staple for children as they bring an element of fun and excitement to their outfits, allowing them to showcase their personalities.
  3. Heritage Runners are Back
    The iconic retro style of the 1970s continues to make waves as the heritage runner design makes its return. The combination of vintage aesthetics and modern comfort technology make them a perfect option for both children’s everyday wear and special occasions.
  4. Classic Clean Styles
    If you’re searching for a versatile shoe that complements school uniforms or other outfits, classic white and neutral are a go-to. Their neutral color palette and understated appearance create a timeless, put-together look.

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This back-to-school season, embracing this year’s shoe trends can be simple, easy and fun for the entire family.

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Last modified: August 10, 2023