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5 Reasons Metal Roofs Are Helpful in Severe Storm Regions

You fear for your safety during extreme storms. Perhaps your home needs an upgrade. Find out five reasons metal roofs are helpful in severe storm regions.

5 Reasons Metal Roofs Are Helpful in Severe Storm Regions

Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, and blizzards are just some harsh weather conditions your house can face. Some regions of the US are more susceptible to severe storms than others. When you live in Florida, it’s essential to have a home that can withstand high winds and strong impacts.

Read about some of the reasons metal roofs are helpful for homes in severe storm regions.

Incredible Durability

A metal roof can last for up to 50 years. Not only is the metal heavier and sturdier than the average roofing material, but it also has high impact resistance.

Even when tree branches or hailstones bang into the roof, you don’t need to worry about a dented, faltering roof. With proper installation and any of the types of metal roofing, your home is ready to withstand severe storms throughout the year.

Resistance to Strong Winds

Metal roofs can withstand very strong winds. Therefore, in areas with hurricanes, metal roofs are ideal because they won’t fly away during a storm.

Hurricanes can have sustained winds from 74 to 157 mph or higher. Metal roofs are so desirable because their durable material can usually stay secure even against these winds.

Minimal Risk of Catching Fire

You never know when an accident may arise during a storm or when a fire will break out. Hot weather and potential lightning strikes may arise in severe storm regions. That’s why another reason metal roofs are helpful is that they can have a Class A fire rating.

Class A is the highest fire rating possible, which means both the metal and underlayment have fire-resistant properties. While they aren’t entirely fireproof, metal roofs can enhance protection and minimize the risk of the house catching fire during a threatening storm.

Watertight Seals

The slanted angle of metal roofs allows rain to easily slide off the surface. Water sits on other roofs stagnantly and develops leaks. In contrast, metal roofs are more water resistant and let precipitation run off, so you don’t have to worry about potential leaks as often. With frequent inspections and proper maintenance, worrying about roofing leaks is a thing of the past.

Ability To Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Hot temperatures aren’t a problem for metal roofs. No matter how hot the sun gets, the durable metal effectively dissipates heat.

Rapidly changing temperatures may cause a thermal shock as the metal expands and contracts quickly. While it’s a possibility, continuing inspections and maintenance will always keep metal roofs in the highest-quality condition to ensure protection from all weather.

You can’t always predict the intensity of a storm. However, you can prepare your home for the worst-case scenario. Installing a metal roof is a precaution that can help keep your loved ones safe in case of an emergency.

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Last modified: March 1, 2023