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Commercial Restroom Design Elements To Consider in 2023

Here are a few beneficial commercial restroom design elements to consider in 2023 that can reduce operating costs, increase sanitation, and more!

Commercial Restroom Design Elements To Consider in 2023

Did you know that providing employees with a comfortable and inviting bathroom environment can increase office morale and productivity? Learn more about the most popular—and beneficial—commercial restroom design elements to consider in 2023.

The Touchless Experience

Thanks to the pandemic, businesses are keenly aware of illnesses spread through cross-contamination. Basically, shared surfaces, such as restroom counters, faucet handles, etc., are potentially home to countless germs and viruses from other individuals. With that, touchless commercial bathrooms are quickly becoming the standard.

The most advanced restrooms typically include automated sink faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers, and flush valves. In some instances, finding the right flush valve is as simple as retrofitting newer technology onto existing equipment. Incorporating pre-programmed lighting systems and air fresheners can further enhance the experience for bathroom guests. Ultimately, investing in a touchless commercial restroom can control the spread of illness throughout your building and, as a bonus, significantly reduce money spent on energy bills and inventory restocking.

Hygienic Surfaces & Building Materials

Another effective method for increasing restroom sanitation is designing an environment with ultra-hygienic surfaces and building materials. Stainless steel is arguably the cleanest surface material as it prevents microorganism reproduction, boasts superior chemical resistance, and is relatively simple to clean. Stainless steel sink hardware, restroom accessories—door handles, etc.—and decorative pieces are recommended for any public lavatory.

Antibacterial and fungicidal ceramics are also ideal for commercial restrooms since these ceramic materials are often quite affordable and extremely simple to clean. Consider an advanced ceramic material for your bathroom floors and wall. Silestone and microcement are two suitable alternatives that boast natural antibacterial characteristics. Regardless of the specific material, ensure you purchase solid-surface single pieces. One-piece sink countertops, washbasins, toilets, and more are leakproof, simple to clean, and last longer than multi-piece options.

Modern & Personable Design

Traditionally, businesses don’t put much effort into the design of their restrooms. As a result, many buildings feature uninviting and bland lavatories that no employee would prefer. However, the importance of keeping staff happy and comfortable while in the office cannot be understated, especially in a time of increased remote work. Creating a modern, personable, and cozy restroom environment is one way to show your workforce appreciation for their presence. Plus, having a familiar-feeling place to use the toilet can foster a less-stressful office setting, leading to increased morale and productivity. Mirrors, air fresheners, simple decor, ambient lighting, ambient music, indoor vegetation, and overall attention to detail when creating designs are all ways to achieve a more inviting bathroom.

Consider these commercial restroom design elements for your building’s facilities in 2023 to ensure a more enjoyable and sanitary experience for guests and employees. Contact professional designers, engineers, and plumbers for additional assistance when remodeling or updating your environment to achieve the desired results.

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Last modified: January 27, 2023