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Mistakes To Avoid When Servicing a Commercial Generator

While generators are powerful, it helps to ensure units are reliable. Here are the most common mistakes you’ll encounter when servicing a commercial generator.

Mistakes To Avoid When Servicing a Commercial Generator

If you run a business, there’s a chance you rely on a commercial generator to supply energy during times of need. People most commonly use these during power outages and inclement weather. Generator units are robust, complex systems that depend on routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

However, servicing a commercial generator may come with its fair share of obstacles, especially if you’re unfamiliar with internal parts and wiring. With one false move, you can place a unit at risk of failing when you need it the most.

Here are three mistakes to avoid when servicing a commercial generator and best practices to remember.

Inadequate Fuel Supply

To run a generator, you want to prioritize maintaining appropriate fuel levels! When there isn’t enough fuel in the tank, the coils lose their magnetism until the unit drains itself of energy, prompting a sudden shutoff.

Like most equipment, sudden shutdowns can negatively impact generators, compromising their technology and rendering them less efficient during future use.

Fuel Quality

Just like fuel quantity, fuel quality is a crucial aspect to remember when servicing a generator. While the frequency of generator usage can depend on your location, it’s common for fuel to develop issues. Low-quality fuel is prone to microbe growth, promoting contamination within the generator’s tank.

It helps to invest in high-quality fuel sources like natural gas to avoid damaging the fuel injection system. There are plenty of other benefits of natural gas generators, so you’ll want to look into them if you want to convert to cleaner operations.

Not Hiring an Expert

While you can certainly service a generator on your own, it helps to have the expertise and assistance of a professional to conduct tasks outside your scope of work.

Generator service specialists can advise you on the exact procedures to follow, your generator’s needs, and the recommended frequency of maintenance tasks. Attempting thorough maintenance alone can place your unit at risk, as you may disregard specific problems.

While business is essential at the end of the day, so is maintaining backup power units to ensure your building remains operational! It’s crucial to remember these commercial generator servicing mistakes to avoid so that you can avoid downtimes that would negatively affect your revenue and profits.

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Last modified: September 29, 2022