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The Best Florida Beach Towns To Get a Fresh Start

The best Florida beach towns to get a fresh start are closer than you think. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover what awaits you in the Sunshine State.

The Best Florida Beach Towns To Get a Fresh Start

Starting over in a different place is challenging. However, when you pick a gorgeous location that you love, the process of getting acquainted with your new home goes a lot more smoothly. We’re confident that the beachfront towns on the Floridian coast can offer you gorgeous, vibrant new places to call your own. So explore a few of our favorite beach towns for people looking to start fresh. You never know; you might just find a new and exciting place to belong.

Siesta Key, Florida

The gorgeous Siesta Key is the first on our list of the best Florida beach towns to get a fresh start. This tiny slice of paradise, covered with white, sandy beaches, teems with unique boutiques, restaurants, and tiki bars on every corner. This beachside town is also across the bridge from Sarasota and about half an hour south of Tampa and St. Petersburg. Siesta Key’s central location to these employment-rich areas makes it an ideal place for commuters looking for new beginnings.

Plus, the crime rate in Siesta Key is a small fraction of the national average, so you can enjoy nearby amenities without worrying for your safety. And this is even more beneficial for couples looking for a quaint, gorgeous environment to raise their children.

Key Biscayne, Florida

We can’t discuss beautiful Floridian beach towns without throwing Key Biscayne into the mix. This gorgeous oceanfront oasis is just a few miles out from Miami on an isolated plot of land all its own. And unlike some of its shore-locked neighbors, Key Biscayne is known for being a haven for singletons and families alike. If that’s not enticing enough, this vivacious town is home to highly rated schools. Moreover, all of Miami’s finest amenities and job opportunities are only minutes away.

Key Biscayne also offers its residents tennis and golf courses, roller skating, and access to some of Florida’s most idyllic beaches. Plus, you don’t have to worry about overcrowding here, as most of the town’s surrounding beaches are hidden gems. With places such as Key Biscayne on the map, it’s not hard to see why high demand for property is a growing trend in the Floridian real estate market.

Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs is another noteworthy addition to our overview of the best Florida beach towns to get a fresh start, and for good reason. Located just north of Naples, Bonita Springs boasts a host of scenic beaches, including Barefoot Beach Preserve and State Park, a relatively quiet beach with amenities such as showers, picnic tables, and restrooms to make your visit comfier.

Should you ever tire of Barefoot’s beautiful views, you can always take a short road trip to a wide variety of other beaches in surrounding areas.

The crime rate in this lively town is pretty average for Florida, and the cost of living is a bit above. But if the idea of warm, crystal-clear waters and affordable upscale living sounds like the clean break you’ve been looking for, we suggest researching Bonita Springs a little further.

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Last modified: February 24, 2022