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Ways To Encourage Your Teens To Get Active

Between smartphones and streaming, it can be tough to get adolescents moving. Discover some of the best ways to encourage your teens to get active.

Ways To Encourage Your Teens To Get Active

There are so many diversions accessible to teens nowadays that it’s challenging to get them out and active. That’s why it’s essential to do everything possible to motivate your adolescents to engage in physical exercise and develop healthy habits. Look below to find different ways to encourage your teens to get active.

Take Regular Walks After Dinner

Dinner time gives your whole family a chance to slow down and reconnect with each other each day. You can extend bonding time by taking a nice walk after every meal. That allows you to work off your food and gives you more chances to ask about your teens’ days. You can also learn more about what’s going on in their lives.

Have Them Sign Up for a Team

Motivating your children to sign up for school sports teams can help them make friends, build teamwork, and get regular physical activity. If there are no sports that your teens are interested in at school, you can check if your local rec centers and other organizations have more comprehensive ranges of intramural teams. You can also take time out of your day to develop some fun ideas to involve them in sports practice in your own backyard.

Go to the Gym Together

You can set a good example for your children by getting exercise on your own time. If you regularly go to the gym, ask your teens if they’d like to come with you and work on routines you can do together. Many gyms allow kids to sign up as soon as they turn 13, so you should inquire about that beforehand.

Give Your Teen Positive Reinforcement

It’s a challenge for anyone to try to start new habits. Give your teen words of encouragement regularly and praise them when they hit their goals, whether they’re large or small. Avoid any negative comments and look for ways to keep them motivated. Also, let them know you’re proud of them for trying.

Finding ways to encourage your teens to get active can help set them up for a lifetime of healthy routines. You’ll likely find that they’re in better moods and have more energy around the house. That’ll help make everyone much happier.

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Last modified: November 8, 2021