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Congratulations! You Made It!

You plodded through 2020 with its own delights, surprises, and precious moments as well as more than the usual amount of turmoil, insanity, and fear. If you’re like most people you’ve heaved a sigh of relief that the chaos of 2020 has come to an end.

Now that 2021 is here, how will you ensure that your life will be even better than before? To that end, I have several questions for you…but let’s start with just one:

What are you tolerating in your life?

All of us are putting up with more things than we realize. What we also don’t realize is the price we pay for our tolerations. “Tolerations” can include challenges that are large as well as items that are small. Interestingly, the small items are often the ones that create the largest drain on our energy or time. An example might be that doorknob that is loose and requires some tricky jiggling to open the door not to mention, every time you use it, you get frustrated and pledge to repair it! Another is the flat tire on your bike which keeps you from the rides you want to take.

The torn shower curtain – you see it every time you shower…you SEE it! (buy a new one and recapture that negative energy!) And yet another small toleration might be the noticeable scratch on the door of your brand new car…you notice it several times a day when you get into your otherwise shiny new car – You don’t realize it but it is a mood and energy drain each time.

Committing to eliminating tolerations and following through is actually quite simple, and, as a result, you will regain many moments of positivity and momentum in your life. Often a little nudge and a little accountability are enough to make it happen.

As a professional Coach, I’m often the “Chief Nudger” and “Chief Accountability Officer”! My request is that you consider me to be your Coach and your assignment is to create a list of 10 things you are putting up with right now! (Are you staring at holiday stuff that needs to go into the attic?) The commitment is to eliminate those 10 tolerations by the time the next The Florida Villager is in your mailbox!

And, for the accountability piece of the request: Send an email to me at bobette@reedercoachinggroup.com, with the list of your Ten Tolerations.

I will be looking for your follow-up message that lets me know that you eliminated them. We will celebrate your success with applause and a ‘snoopy-dance’. I KNOW that you can accomplish this and I am excited to hear about your success and how that feels to you.

I have more opportunities for you to move forward and I have more requests to help you get there.

Let’s see how you do with this one…

Bobette Reeder is a Master Certified Coach and a past president of the International Coach Federation (ICF). A coach since 1995, Bobette has had extensive and varied experience serving in the international coaching community. She was on the ICF Board of Directors for 10 years, served on several ICF conference teams in both the U.S. and Europe, and initiated and facilitated the organization’s Global Forum. She is a recipient of the ICF President’s Award and has been the focus of numerous media articles and interviews. She is a co-founder of Conversation Among Masters and The Coach Initiative (a non-profit organization). bobettereeder.com

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