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Come on over! Please #BYOC

Bring your own Chair? Cheese? Computer? Chocolate? Cabernet? Chicken?

All could apply, but I was thinking more along the lines of bring your own Cup.

The fact is, a good reusable cup keeps your drinks nice and cool, doesn’t sweat, and can be customized so you can easily find it.

Living in a state that is a destination for parties and has the weather to host them (almost) all year around, makes it imperative that we acknowledge that this small change in habit has an enormous amount of benefits. To start, there is satisfaction of having your ice last longer. Second, you won’t confuse your drink with the one that looks just like it on the table where you left if. Third, you’ll help your host on catering and cleanup. And finally, you are making a difference, ecologically speaking.

Pre-COVID, one of my kids wanted to invite some friends over. On one condition, I said. It’s a #BYOC type of party. Every kid showed up that day with their own cup or bottle, thirsty, if anything, for some play time, giggles and fun.

I can’t wait to get back to it all again, and hope that when my little ones grow up and start going to parties on their own, they know they shouldn’t go solo, and at least ask if they can #BYO(friend) instead.

Small changes. Big impact. In a fight for green, we are all equal.

Planet-friendly Party Tips

  • Billions (yes, billions) of disposable cups are thrown out each year, in the US alone! The production of each cup is resource intensive and high in emissions. If not recycled, which many cannot and are not, they contribute towards the greenhouse gases released from the landfills where they end up. Make your next party a #BYOC!
  • Plastic cutlery is listed among the items most deadly to many sea creatures. It is also among the top 10 most common plastic items collected at beach cleanups. So if you want to go a step further, think of #BYOCutlery as well! Or go for the biodegradable upgrade.

Carolina Ballas is a Palmetto Bay resident, mother of two, and local supporter of all things green and good.

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