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Tips for Maintaining an Electric Motor

Tips for Maintaining an Electric Motor

Electric motors are one of the greatest innovations in history, and although motors may seem to be a modern invention, they’re not. William Sturgeon invented the first DC motor in 1832. You’d think most people who use electric motors would know how to maintain their motor by now, but they don’t. Luckily, we’re going to break down a few tips for maintaining an electric motor in the following guide; read on to learn more.

Develop a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Far too many electric motor owners make the mistake of cleaning their motor only when something seems off, which will certainly lead to long-term damage. You should clean your motor on a regular basis to prevent damage. Most motor manufacturers have a guide to proper maintenance based on their particular motor, so it’s in your best interest to review the manufacturer’s suggestions. Merely keeping the motor’s vent clear of dust and debris will make a difference in the motor’s performance.

Avoid Over-Lubrication

In addition to cleaning the motor regularly, you should maintain a regular lubrication schedule. That said, one of the most common causes of motor downtime and damage is over-lubrication. If you notice the motor’s bearings are breaking down faster than before, you might be over-lubricating rousing a low-quality lubricant. Again, each manufacturer has recommendations for the type and amount of lubricant that’s optimal for their motor, so be sure you’re following their guidelines.

Find a Reliable Repair Service

Although electric motors have been around since 1832, that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to repair a motor when needed. Moreover, electric motors aren’t something you should try to fix yourself by referencing a YouTube video. Any individual or business that uses electric motors should have a dependable motor repair service they can call. A dependable repair service will demonstrate the ideal characteristics you’d want to see in a motor repair company, and it’s your responsibility to look for those promising traits.

Merely cleaning and lubricating your motor are some of the most vital tips for maintaining an electric motor. Unfortunately, even if you follow all the right steps, you’re still working with a mechanism that can break down occasionally. We urge you to find a repair service that has experience and a proven track record.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020