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June 2019: Coral Gables / South Miami / Coconut Grove

School’s out (or almost out) and it’s time to relax and enjoy our freedom as parents… from homework, from activities and, most of all, from traffic. That’s why we’re dedicating this issue to looking at all the incredible things our next generation of South Floridians are up to. From the incredible Girl Scouts earning high honors with their community service-based Gold Awards, to the graduating seniors leaving us with some wise words to their younger selves, we are so thrilled to share inspiring stories of what the school year (and beyond) can be.

Also in this issue we spoke to two experts in mindfulness who have a special connection to children and families. Bill Meyer spent years keeping his meditation practice separate from his job as a high school teacher, but a twist of fate inspired him to merge both parts of his life and the results have been life-changing, not only for Meyer but for students and teachers across the country. At home, there are also many easy ways to bring mindfulness into your kids lives, as South Florida expert Nikki Levine shares. Her “Mindful Nikki” website is a goldmine of beginner lessons on including the whole family in a journey to calm and peace.

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