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One Last Dance

Who knows if he can dance or not but spoiler alert: Dwyane Wade is having one last one. Posting a nearly 10-minute video on YouTube about his retirement he stated, “This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve had to make as well.”

Standing alone in a dark room with a spotlight on him as he spoke to his fans about his career and his final season. “When I walk away I’m still going to love it, I’m still going to want to play it, I’m going to miss the playoff moments and I’m still going to miss the crowd cheering my name.”

“Thank you guys for the love, Wade County, I have a county.”

As it’s well known, Dwyane Wade has embedded his legacy in the city of Miami, FL. Beginning his journey in 2003, it has now been a sweet 16 years in the league. He became an instant fan favorite, and it wasn’t long before his fans were sporting basketball jerseys with his name and number on their backs. But it wouldn’t stop there. Over the years, he would be admired by his fans so much that places like Buy side sport has some player guides helping you dress like your favourite NBA star, to show just how much you respect him as a player and as a person. From the shoes and jerseys, to the sports cards, people’s lives would have been changed forever by this fan favorite. Flash, was making for a name for himself around the league.

Entering his 16th and final season, Wade can still ball. The Miami Heat are hoping to get whatever he has left in the tank this year. The three time champion and 12-time All Star doesn’t know fully what to expect of himself this season. Earlier this summer the 36 year old signed a contract worth $2.4 million. To cap off his career where it all started. The last dance tour for Flash is underway.

For his career, a career average of 22.5 points per game and the Heat all time leader in points, assists, steals and game splayed. Not to mention arguably the best shot blocking guard of all time with 850 and counting.

Wade has impacted many people on and off the court. Not only does he provide the fans with what he does on the court but off it he has given back immensely to the city of Miami. The Wade’s World Foundation provides support to communities with education, health and social skills for children at risk situations in the south Florida area, Chicago and Milwaukee.

The future hall of famer will continue to contribute what he can for this Heat team. The veteran guidance of him and Udonis Haslem, who is also playing in his last season, will uplift this young team going into the months of April and May. One day soon to come we will see his name up in the rafters in American Airlines Arena and who knows, maybe a statue on Biscayne Boulevard or should I say Dwyane Wade Boulevard?

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