Thursday, October 18, 2018
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Straight Talk with Dr. Victoria Rothman, Orthodontist

It’s hard to believe but summer will soon be over, and back to school time is rapidly approaching! Summer is a great time for traveling, camp, catching up on rest, and of course… getting braces! If your dentist has recommended an orthodontic consultation for you or your child, or you just feel that orthodontics is on the horizon, summer is the best time to get started. Why is summertime is a great time to start orthodontic treatment? Let’s explore the reasons:

Time to get adjusted.

There is always going to be an adjustment period when you first get braces or orthodontic appliances. While braces are not painful, your mouth does require time to get used to having something new in it. You need to adjust to eating and speaking with your new orthodontic appliances. Going through this adjustment period during the school year can make getting braces a bit more stressful than the process already may be. During the summer, however, you have the ability to hide out for a few days as you adjust to your new braces. If you’re experiencing a little bit of discomfort or are still trying to get the hang of eating and caring for your braces, the summer ensures that you can master these issues without also having to worry about school or extracurricular activities.

Less responsibilities

During the summer kids typically have less responsibilities in general, such as schoolwork, exams and projects. Hence the initial experience of getting braces and getting adjusted to them will not interfere with any of the schooltime duties. Older children particularly (and their parents) find this valuable.

Better for appointments

Since the initial visits and placement of orthodontic appliances are typically lengthier appointments, summer is a great time to start so that kids will not have to miss any school. This is probably the main reason starting orthodontics in the summer is desirable. While most schools are very accommodating when it comes to appointments with your orthodontist, it is can be a problem for certain classes or when multiple appointments may be necessary. Being able to begin your treatment when you do not have to worry about missing any school is usually preferable. By the time school starts again, you will have to see the orthodontist less frequently and can find a time to make your appointments that does not disrupt your schedule, such as after school appointments.

Easier to get in for appointments

During the school year, orthodontists can typically be overwhelmed with appointments at certain times of the day, making it more difficult to start your treatment. This is especially common if you are trying to get an appointment during after school hours. During the summer, however, there is generally more appointment time availability because many patients may be traveling or on vacation. Summer appointment times are definitely more flexible.

Makes transitioning back into school easier

Another reason summertime may be the best time to get braces – by the time school starts again, not only will you be completely adjusted to your braces, many of your friends and peers will be, too. Most people will not even realize that you have gotten braces. When you arrive at school one day without them and then the next day with them, the change is very noticeable. However, if you get them over the summer, your friends will already have seen you with them and will have gotten used to them, and everyone else probably will not even remember that you did not have them before the summer!

More time to pay attention to your oral hygiene routine

Having braces means spending more time on your oral hygiene routine (that is, keeping your mouth clean). Getting braces during the summer allows you the extra time it takes to become and expert on your brushing and flossing routine before schools starts. You’ll also have more freedom to brush and clean your teeth and braces throughout the day, something you might not be able to do while you are in school.


If you are looking for the best time to get braces, summertime may be the perfect fit for you! Please call Pinecrest Orthodontics at 305-423-4130 for your initial complimentary orthodontic consultation, and get in before school starts!  Pinecrest Orthodontics is located in the Dixie Belle Shops at 12197 S. Dixie Highway Pinecrest, FL 33156.

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