Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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October 2018: Coral Gables/South Miami/Coconut Grove Edition

Though it may be known for its spookiest weekend, October is a great time to think further ahead than the 31st. It’s a time to start planning for the holidays, setting Thanksgiving plans and maybe (MAYBE) breaking out a few...

Sports News

Friday Night Lights

Local coaches tell us what to watch for this upcoming high school football season. Coral Reef Barracudas “I’m the type of coach that I’m going to keep my best guys on the field,” said Coral Reef Barracudas Head Coach Joseph...

In Our Schools

Tomorrow’s Future Professionals

High schoolers are more than just tomorrow’s future professionals, they are today’s trailblazers, change makers and activists helping create a difference in their communities. This year’s Bank of America Student Leaders® are no different. From starting their own organizations and...