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4 Things To Do Before Junking Your Car in Florida

Want to junk your car in Florida? You’ll be happy to hear that the process is straightforward. Here are four essential things to do before you junk it.

4 Things To Do Before Junking Your Car in Florida

Do you have an old car you need to get rid of? If you want to junk it but aren’t sure how the process works, here are four things to do before junking your car in Florida to guide you.

Find a Taker

First, you need to find a junkyard near you that will take your car. Shop around for a local yard that’s licensed, well-reviewed, and provides a quote you’re satisfied with. Ideally, the yard should be nearby. Some yards will make you pay an extra fee to tow your car, which can get costly over greater distances.

Clean It Out

Once you find a taker, set aside time to clean your car, you don’t want to leave any personal items, like your wallet or beloved fuzzy dice, behind! Comb the floors carefully and peek inside the glove box and trunk to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Get Your Docs in Order

The next thing to do before junking your car in Florida is locate the title. You don’t need a title to junk your car in Florida, but if you have one, it’s wise to hand it over to the yard. If you don’t, you could get entangled in legal problems if someone steals the car after the sale. Fortunately, transferring your title is easy. Just sign the “Transfer of Title by Seller” section on the title to transfer ownership to the yard.

Unregister It

Finally, you’ll want to unregister your car. After handing your vehicle and title to the yard, take your license plate and registration to a local tax office, license plate agency, or driver’s license office to surrender them. You can also send them in by mail, but include a note explaining why you’re surrendering these items. Finally, give your insurance company a call to cancel or transfer your policy. There’s no need to pay insurance on a car you no longer own.

And that’s it. Now, with your car off your hands and some cash in your pocket, you’ll feel freer than ever!

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Last modified: September 2, 2022
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