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Cap America Releases Guide “The History of Baseball Caps”

Cap America has announced the release of its latest resource “The History of Baseball Caps.” This guide delves into the history of baseball caps by covering different historical moments that led to their popularity and everyday usage.

Since the creation of baseball caps in the 1840s, they have been a symbol of unity, support, and comradery. In the 1860s, the Brooklyn Excelsiors were the first credited team to wear baseball caps, and while their caps were originally made of straw, the material was changed to wool a few years later. In 1890, baseball eyelets were added to the cap’s design for breathability, and this portion of the design is still included in modern baseball caps. In 1905, the Detroit Tigers were the first team to include their team logo on baseball caps, and this led to baseball caps playing a large role in brand recognition.

Longer bills and flat bills became a part of the design of baseball caps, and the rise of hip hop and sporting teams played a role in the popularity of baseball caps. In the United States, baseball caps make up around 80% of hat styles, and an estimated 400 million are sold every year. According to Cap America, “From supporting political campaigns to increasing brand awareness, the baseball cap remains one of the most prominent pieces of attire in our culture.”

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