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Most Collectible Lamborghini Models in History

Lamborghini is one of the most recognizable automobile companies in the world. Read here for a recap of some of the most collectible Lamborghini models.

Most Collectible Lamborghini Models in History

The history of Lamborghini as a corporation is legendary. With no initial intention of developing road automobiles, Ferruccio Lamborghini created Lamborghini Trattori as a producer and marketer of farm and light tonnage tractors. However, after seeing Enzo Ferrari manage his company as a race team first and an automobile manufacturer second, he couldn’t stand by and watch people buy finicky sports cars and grand tourers that frequently broke down. As the expression goes, the rest is history.

Now, Lamborghini has a storied trail of super-cars. However, as with everything, a few stand out to collectors above the rest. Here are some of the most collectible Lamborghini models in history.

1964 Lamborghini 350 GT

The prototype known as the 350 GTV—a classic berlinetta design meant to spit in the face of the Ferrari 250 GT and 250 GTO models—was Lamborghini’s first full car. The 350 GT then debuted in 1964 following a successful trial run and a redesign after the original GTV shape garnered mixed reviews. The 350 GT had a front-midship-mounted V12, just like the Ferrari, but it had a greater displacement of 3.5 liters and, more importantly, more power. Due to its smaller stroke and side-draft carburetors, the Lamborghini revved harder with 280 horsepower on tap.

1968 Lamborghini Miura SVR

The Lamborghini Miura, which debuted in 1966, is a rare, valuable automobile in its own right. Between 1966 and 1972, only 763 were produced. The Miura SVR was a one-off commissioned by a Japanese customer to have the same characteristics as the lost Jota P400 but based on the 1968 Miura S. The car was delivered in 1974 after an 18-month effort by the firm. It cost the equivalent of $550,000 at the time, and it remained in the same collection for 40 years.

1981 to 1989 Lamborghini Jalpa

The Lamborghini Jalpa is one of the few super-cars that the average person can purchase. Following the oil crisis of the 1970s, when Lamborghini was on the verge of bankruptcy, the company made the strategic choice to create a “cheap” Lamborghini. The Jalpa, which cost around $60,000 in 1980 dollars, was the result. It possessed a 3.0L latitudinally mid-mounted V8 that produced 255 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque as well as a removable roof that could be placed in the front trunk, which was all the rage in the 1980s.

We hope you have found our recap of the most collectible Lamborghinis interesting! One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the collectability of Lamborghinis is their age. Simply put, not all collectible Lamborghinis need to be made in the last century. Look here to learn more about the newest member of the Lamborghini family of collectibles: the Lamborghini Strosek Diablo!

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Last modified: April 22, 2022