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How To Celebrate a New Pastor’s Ordination

Your pastor is the lynchpin of your church’s community, so you should properly praise and celebrate the ordination of a new pastor in your church.

How To Celebrate a New Pastor’s Ordination

Becoming a pastor takes years of hard work, faith, and dedication. So if you know someone who has just been ordained, it’s important to show them how excited and grateful you are to have them in your faithful community. Here’s how to celebrate a new pastor’s ordination so that you can let them know just how much you appreciate their service to the Lord.

Choosing a Venue

The obvious choice for an ordination venue is the church the minister will be serving at. However, some ministers travel and move between churches. If there is a charity they’ve favored or a church they grew up in, either of those options would make a great celebration venue.

Many churches have a recreational hall that they’ll rent out at little to no cost, especially if the church has its own gymnasium.

Who To Invite

Your invite list should be comprised of those closest to the pastor. If you wish to invite those who plan to attend the minister’s services, ask the minister first. The celebration can be an excellent opportunity for church members to meet their new pastor, but it can also be very nerve-racking for the newly ordained.

In addition, remember to make sure that your invitees dress in accordance with the church or charity’s dress code if it has an attire policy.

Gift-Giving Ideas

There are many ways to show your pastor that you appreciate their service, and you can never go wrong with a thoughtful gift. Something commemorative to show them how far they’ve come is an excellent choice. For example, if you have pictures of them completing their sacraments or photographs of them on their first day of theologian schooling, it can be a great scrapbooking opportunity.

A plaque of their favorite verse for them to keep at their desk or hang in their home is a great way to help them keep God in mind at all times. You can also help pay for them to go on a retreat or a mission they’ve always wanted to travel to, which will help them build their relationship with the Lord and strengthen that bond.  

Hopefully, these tips on how to celebrate a new pastor’s ordination help initiate and welcome your pastor into your church’s community. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and start organizing a celebration for their lifetime achievement. They’re sure to appreciate it.

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Last modified: April 22, 2022