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Opinion: Reject the ban of gas-powered leaf blowers in Pinecrest

By a concerned Pinecrest resident

On January 11, 2022, I attended a council meeting about the ban of gas-powered leaf blowers. I heard a majority of public comments oppose the ban, yet I did not see a single council member represent that position in the ensuing council debate. Instead, I saw uniform group think in favor of the ban. Is this council listening to the constituents? It does not look like it.

This council is over-emphasizing the complaints of a small vocal minority, while ignoring the will of the (mostly silent) majority. The council’s job is to do what the majority wants. Appeasing small vocal minorities at all costs is not it. But it seems to be headed that way.

The proposed ban ignores the fact that current electric blowers are not technologically suitable to clean-up a 1-acre lot, which is the predominant lot size in Pinecrest. Plainly put, they are banning an essential tool that has no substitute. Since when is one-size-fits-all good policy?

This council has no mandate for such a radical policy. None of its members ran on the platform of banning gas-powered leaf blowers.

What makes a small group of council members think that they can make better decisions on what tools to use than the home-owners themselves? The world is littered with examples of failed central planning. Why is this council hell-bent on repeating that mistake?

Some council members keep mentioning California with its radical bans as the shining example, when in fact it’s the poster-child of failed policies and dysfunctional one-size-fits-all mandates. As a result, people are leaving California in droves to relocate to better places that offer freedom and choice, like Florida. Please do NOT turn our Pinecrest into a mini-California.

Some council members state that Pinecrest needs to “lead the way”. Wait a second! We do not want them to lead with bad ideas, such as banning an essential tool that has no adequate replacement. What may work in Miami Beach and Key Biscayne will not work here, because we have larger lots and more leaves.

I have heard a lot of criticism from constituents that this Village council is driven by ideology rather than reality and facts. I saw it with my own eyes. This council chose to ignore the strong, fact-based opposition to the ban and instead continued its tone-deaf debate on how to keep this ban going. They are driven by ideology rather than facts.

I am disappointed to see that we are being represented with such arrogance and hubris.

At a minimum, this ban needs exemptions for large lots and for home-owner DIYers. Better yet, let the constituents decide for themselves. Freedom and choice are better than one-size-fits-all bans.

Please reach out to the council and let them know about your opinion. Their contact details are here: https://www.pinecrest-fl.gov/government/village-council

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