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New Year, New Home?

New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 Home Buyers

Studies have indicated that about half of all U.S. adults make New Year’s resolutions. Most of these are centered on one’s well-being, health, self-development and growth. About 90% of these well-intended resolutions will fade off a few months into the year, research says. If sticking to a goal is hard work, it is even harder in these unpredictable times we live in.

So, if your resolutions for 2022 include buying real estate, whether it is your primary home, maybe even for the first time, or attaining that slice of heaven on the west coast of Florida or the Keys, this advice can help you carry your dreams to fruition and become a home buyer in 2022.

Break It Down

Big resolutions can be intimidating and become easier to drop altogether. Large goals, like buying real estate, can better serve us if broken down into two or three smaller resolutions. Think of the steps you will need to take, then make each one a resolution in itself.

Keep It Top of Mind

Remind your future self of the intentions you set on December 31. Write down your real estate resolutions and display them in a place that triggers your desire to become a homeowner in order to keep it top of mind. It could be where your checkbook is to remind you of your goals every time to pay the rent, or it could be in your car waiting for you when you get ready for that long commute back home.

Find an Accountability Partner

When we are truly committed to start exercising, for example, we either hire a trainer/coach or find a partner. We do this not only for the fun of doing it with someone else but to be accountable to someone other than ourselves and decrease our chances to trick ourselves and skip a training. Find a real estate agent with the patience and consistency of a coach to increase your success rate.

A well-versed agent can be your most important resource to keep your home buying resolution, as we can sit down with you, help you put a plan in place and be there along the way to check in on your progress. Urban Key Realty can help you keep your 2022 home buying resolution with a plan that makes sense for you and your family in terms of lifestyle and your financial goals. We’re here to help you make 2022 your best year yet!

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