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What Do I Need to Know Before I Relocate?

COVID-19 had a sizable impact on our usual way of living, and we know full well by now that this has motivated many families to relocate not only within South Florida but all across the country. Our neighborhoods have seen an uptick in residents, our schools a spike in registrations, and we can simply see many more cars driving around our streets. This increased demand for local goods and services has affected pricing and availability across the board. While many (usually the younger crowd) continue to move into South Florida, some residents (usually older) are starting to consider moving out.

Whether you are thinking of moving to or from Miami, here are the top things to keep in mind before packing your bags.

Envision Your Lifestyle

Picture what your life and its daily activities will look like in this new place. You may want to keep your routine unchanged, like morning walks or a short commute. However, perhaps part of your relocation dream is to change your lifestyle completely and get away from the traffic and more into nature. Consider the weather throughout the year and how this can impact your life. Take some time to think about what your new day to day will look like for you and your family members in this new place.

Consider Cost of Living

Take a good look at how much everything costs in the place to which you want to relocate. Research simple things such as gas and dining out as well as major items like housing and school or childcare costs. For example, those planning on moving abroad to places like Malta can find Malta Guides online, which can give them relevant information about various costs of living in the city. This research is essential because what may seem like a good option based on lifestyle can quickly take a turn based on living costs. Keep in mind that this can work the other way around as well; a place can become more appealing when the cost of living is substantially less and can help compensate for a lack of other attributes.

Establish Local Connections

Once you have decided on a place, begin by asking your friends, coworkers and social media sphere for connections in the place you have chosen to move to. Start building a network before even stepping foot there. Check local Facebook groups and join them. If you have school-age children, ask the school to connect you with other parents. Creating connections with other families can provide a lot of insight and help ease your transition.

Take Action!

Now that all the analytical work is done, it is time to take action! Roll up your sleeves and start moving! If by this time you are focused on your next chapter and need a hand (or two) to move, find a full-service real estate company that can completely take the load off your shoulders.

Urban Key Realty provides our clients with a full range of moving and concierge services, and we would be pleased to help you embark on your next chapter. Cheers to new beginnings!

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