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Best Safety Practices for Electrical Cords

Commercial buildings require a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Consider these best safety practices for electrical cords to keep preventable accidents at bay.

Best Safety Practices for Electrical Cords

For business owners, their buildings are vital to their success. And for the employees, it can become a second home. Keeping the building, equipment, and all staff members safe from cord malfunctions is simple. Take a look at these best safety practices for electrical cords and see if your commercial building needs to make any adjustments.

Forego the Use of Damaged Cords

A rather significant safety issue and fire hazard are frayed or worn cords. Often overlooked, exposed wiring outside of the casing can release the heat of the current. If the frayed and exposed wiring is hot and comes into contact with other highly flammable materials, you risk fire damage.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Outlets

Wall outlets in commercial spaces are highly susceptible to wear as these are the point of most contact for operation. If outlets are damaged and go unmonitored regularly, you are risking heat buildups that may lead to fires. Some common signs it’s time to replace your wall outlets are:

  • Lights flickering
  • Burning smells
  • Cracks in the outlets

Avoid Extension Cords When Possible

While it’s common to utilize an extension cord for more than one electrical need, avoiding them in high current areas is advised. Utilize extension cords safely and correctly when necessary, and avoid crowding the line, which can lead to electric shocks or fires. Consider having an increased number of outlets installed to prevent the use of multiple extension cords.

Unplug Appliances Not In-Use

A task on the more tedious side but incredibly preventative and reliable is unplugging any appliances when they’re not in use. Delegate this task to a safety supervisor or a member of management, so you know it’s done regularly. When thinking about the best safety practices for electrical cords, simply unplugging and turning things off can save you time and money.

Following safety guidelines and standards may feel like a chore and will often fall to the wayside but it ultimately saves you thousands in the event of a preventable accident. Consider implementing a safety standards crew or reassign building duties to ensure your space can perform the upkeep.

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Last modified: October 15, 2021