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Decorating Tips To Make Your House Spooky

Making your house spooky can be quite a task if you have no experience with scary decorations. Look here for a few fantastic tips you need to make your house spooky!

Decorating Tips To Make Your House Spooky

At this point, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays in the US. It comes with the expectation of lively partying, spooky settings, frights in the night, and most importantly, candy! Continue reading for all the decorating tips you need to know to make your house the spookiest one on the block!

Understated Decorating Style

One of the creepiest ways to decorate your house is by using an understated decorating style. Simply put, simpler Halloween decorations are often a lot creepier than the average ones simply because most people expect over-the-top decorations. Having spooky but minimalist decorations, such as a mannequin sitting in a rocking chair, subverts these expectations, resulting in truly creepy decor.

Employ Wall Coverings

While the walls of a normal house may be comforting, the last thing you want is a comfortable space during Halloween. Creepily colored wallpaper or wall coverings are great ways to transform your house into a completely unrecognizable space. One technique that most people find helpful when doing this is to use low light. Low light will accentuate the colors while reducing the visibility in a room, adding to the overall unsettling feeling you are trying to cultivate.


Candles are one of the best ways to set the mood in any haunted house. The flickering low light combined with the constantly moving shadows from each flame can leave a spectator feeling like something could jump out at them at any moment. Overall, the effects of candles will give any room a medieval and unsettling aesthetic that is sure to drive home the creepiness of your spooky house.

We hope you have enjoyed these decorating tips to make your house spooky! When it comes to Halloween, you truly have endless possibilities for decorations. All it takes is your own creativity, a bit of thought, and a little know-how into what makes a house scary. Even so, keep in mind that once Halloween is over, you will have to deal with your ruined living room, so try not to go too overboard!

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Last modified: October 14, 2021