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Personalized Solutions for Your Legal Needs

If you have legal needs related to your business or real estate, the Diaz Leyva Group is a unique law firm with the experience, knowledge and personalized services to help you.

In his first decade as an attorney, Daniel Diaz Leyva honed his craft and built up his experience working at several large law firms. During that time, however, he also noticed a concerning trend among these firms, particularly as they related to small and midsize business owners and individuals: People often needed high-quality legal work to help get their businesses or real estate endeavors going, but the larger firms charged exorbitant fees for these services that far exceeded their means.

“There is an entire market seeking high-quality work product in a more reasonably priced system, beyond the outrageous rates I saw my clients being charged for personalized service,” says Diaz Leyva. “That realization, coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit to support entrepreneurs, owner-operators, business owners, family offices, high-net-worth individuals and institutions with their corporate and real estate needs, drove me to open Diaz Leyva Group.”

Building His Business

When Diaz Leyva first branched out on his own in 2017, he worked with his trusted partner and longtime friend, Michael Gil. Together, they established their mission and vision around a unique type of law firm, one that was specifically focused on the needs of small and midsize businesses, corporations and real estate agencies. Thanks to their specifically tailored vision, as well as the support of many people in the community, the Diaz Leyva Group was born and began to grow quickly almost immediately afterward.

Diaz Leyva believes that a big part of his group’s success can be attributed to the fact that they are simply filling a need in the community. “Our corporate knowledge coupled with personalized access allows our firm to offer the same level of sophistication one would expect from a large law firm at more cost-effective rates,” he says. “As business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges that business owners face and, as a result, generally have a more pragmatic, practical approach to troubleshooting issues on behalf of our clients.”

What Diaz Leyva Group Can Do for You

If your company has legal needs in a wide variety of areas, the chances are quite good that the Diaz Leyva Group can handle them for you with high-level timeliness, experience and professionalism. The group can handle all the following services and more:

  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements and shepherding those deals to closing
  • Negotiating commercial leases with institutional tenants
  • Drafting loan documents on behalf of lenders and shepherding those loans to closing
  • Representing individuals in the purchase of their home
  • Handling multimillion-dollar acquisitions of a commercial property portfolio across multiple states

An important distinction that Diaz Leyva points out is that the group is specifically tailored for small and middle market dealmakers. This allows him to provide the personalized service that these individuals need, without the exorbitant legal fees of the larger firms.

A Noticeable Difference

As the Diaz Leyva Group has continued to grow over the past four years, clients have noticed the group’s professionalism, personalization and tailored focus on their specific needs. The result is a lot of satisfaction from clients who have reached out to the group.

“Really, what sets us apart is the family aspect of how we treat clients,” says Diaz Leyva. “They aren’t just another business transaction. We are invested in understanding their business, their family, their needs and their future. This is where the depth of our relationships comes from and why we are more than a law firm. We are trusted advisors.”

Diaz Leyva Group is located at 1501 Venera Avenue, Ste. 203. For more information, call 305.203.0673 or visit their website at diazleyvagroup.com.

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