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Signs Your Flatscreen TV’s Issues Are Repairable

Whether you dropped it or it simply stopped working, your flatscreen TV’s issues may be ones you or a TV repair expert can find a way to fix.

Signs Your Flatscreen TV’s Issues Are Repairable

We don’t often repair our electronics these days. As technology has advanced, many people have backed away from unscrewing the backs of their TVs or computers and looking inside to make repairs themselves. While this is a great outcome for the people selling these devices, it can be draining for consumers. If you’re dreading throwing out your flatscreen television, these signs your flatscreen TV’s issues are repairable might save you from lots of trouble.

Pixels, Fuzz, and Static

Display issues are perhaps the most common problems people have with their TVs. Dim pictures, dead pixels, fuzzy displays, and static all suggest an issue with the screen, backlighting system, or internal boards. Cracked screens and dead pixels can be seriously annoying issues in large flatscreens. But luckily, the screen is easy to replace.

If the issues you see make the picture look worse but don’t have other effects, that’s a good sign that your flatscreen TV’s display is repairable.

Signs of Life

When a TV’s issues seem to go beyond the purely visual realm, things can get stressful. However, you may get some response when attempting to turn on your TV. This could be a few bars, a blinking power light, or even a loud pop noise. If you notice any of those, your TV isn’t entirely dead. Often, the issue becomes a problem with your device’s motherboard or has roots in a loose connection after something jostled the TV.

Record and document these problems as accurately as possible before looking into repairs, just in case they don’t appear when you take the TV to the shop. So long as your repairperson knows the symptoms, they can diagnose and repair the issue.

Diagnosable Problems

Few TVs are truly hopeless cases. So long as you or a repairperson can diagnose the source of the issue, you can likely fix it! Televisions have a surprisingly limited number of components, so problems typically manifest in the cables, screen, or boards. With effort and some expertise, you can have any of these three areas repaired or replaced so that you don’t need to invest in an entirely new device.

Keeping an eye out for signs that your flatscreen TV’s issues are repairable will save you from a trip to the electronics store. You’ll also avoid the tedious process of searching for a device that doesn’t have a million features you won’t use. If you’re perfectly content with the television that you own, finding a way to repair it can be a cheaper option.

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Last modified: September 14, 2021