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The Top Delicious Foods That Are Hard To Eat

Some of the most delicious foods come in the most inconvenient packages. Unlike a bag of chips or mac and cheese, these foods taste great but are exhausting to eat for a number of reasons. These are the top delicious foods that are hard to eat.


We’ll start off the list with meat that you need to crack open yourself. Crabmeat is amazing for both its flavor and the nutrients it contains. However, the meat lies inside the crab’s hard outer shell, which you need to break through to eat. Each time you want to eat one, there’s a step-by-step process you need to follow to eat a crab claw.


It’s not actually hard to bite into a taco, but the mess it makes when you do is why it’s hard to eat. Tacos may be the most delicious food in the world, but a single bite means you lose most of the filling as it falls out the other side. Hard tacos are worse, as the shells crack and break apart as you eat.


Eating an oyster is an odd game of prying open a box and hoping the meat inside is good. Oysters hold some of the most amazing meat inside, but each one is a chore to open and only contains a bite or two of the meat. Sometimes you can’t even get into the oyster, as it’s just too tightly closed.


This is the food that’s famous for trapping Persephone in the underworld in Greek mythology, so it must be good! Unlike most other fruits, you need to crack this one open to get to the seeds. Each seed has just a small amount of food around it; you need to eat the seeds one at a time, and there are hundreds in just one pomegranate.

These are the top delicious foods that are hard to eat, but there are plenty of other foods that people struggle to eat every day. If you ever want to give yourself a challenge, try eating these foods—you’ll get a delicious reward for your efforts.

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Last modified: August 15, 2021