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The Best Technologies for Independent Older Adults

Aging is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s a natural part of life that everyone goes through. It means dealing with life and its daily motions. Still, life’s unpleasantries may sometimes impede upon someone’s living arrangements, perhaps through a shift in physical mobility or cognitive function. That’s why these best technologies for independent older adults help keep anyone in this situation safe and secure on their own.

Automated Medication Dispenser

Every older adult living at home must have some technologies to make their living arrangements easier. Automated pill dispensers are a great way to reduce the headache of remembering to take daily medications—this dispenser does the work for you! Medication dispensers incorporate audio, visual, and phone alerts to remind users of their timed dosage. Older folks will no longer miss important dosages or accidentally take more than the appropriate amount with these systems.

Emergency Alert Systems

Senior medical alert systems are another important piece of technology for safety and personal comfort. Thanks to their low monthly rates, these systems are an affordable option for 24/7 emergency medical response care for at home and on-the-go coverage. They’re simple to use and don’t rely on Wi-Fi or Internet capability. Some medical alert systems even connect to your landline so you can reach friends and family as well as medical responders.

Smart Speakers

Similar to emergency alert systems, another new piece of technology gaining traction among older adults is smart speakers. Smart speakers are virtual artificial intelligent command system that connects to the Internet to make calls, stream audio, relay information, or communicate with other devices. Smart speakers act similarly to medical alert systems in that older adults can call medical personnel in case of an accident or emergency. Still, smart speakers don’t have mobile capability, which restricts broadband inside the house.

Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are also some of the best technologies for independent older adults because they ensure mobile coverage and multi-purpose functionality. Smartphones are essentially cellphones with Internet and software application capabilities. Older adults see great use from them because of the different smartphone or tablet applications tailored to personal health and well-being. There are medication reminder apps, fitness trackers, mental health apps, apps for hobbies and interests, and so on. These devices have allowed for greater communication and versatility for those with physical disabilities.

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Last modified: August 15, 2021