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Focused on Family

M. Paula Di Mauro believes the best thing about being in real estate is knowing that you’re playing an important part in a family’s life-changing journey.

The South Florida real estate market is booming right now, as properties are being bought and sold almost immediately after they are listed. That’s why you need a powerhouse Realtor on your side to help you navigate and strategize — so you end up with a home that is right for you and your family. Paula Di Mauro, owner of Urban Key Realty, has built her business around the concept of helping families find the absolute best home for their needs.

“I am not exaggerating when I say we wake up every morning and go to bed every night thinking about how to help our clients sort whatever obstacles are in their way and get them into their dream home,” says Di Mauro. “Lately, we have been facing particularly challenging times with buyers and tenants, as inventory is extremely low and prices keep rising, literally by the day. To help them, we have been working at new levels of creativity and deep strategizing.”

How She Got Started

Di Mauro first became interested in helping families find the right homes for them after moving to the Miami area from Uruguay in 2004. Soon after settling in Miami, her search for sound investment opportunities in the area transformed into helping friends and family find the same opportunities. Before she knew it, she was opening Urban Key Realty in 2016, and her focus on families as the core of her business has never wavered since then.

“As a mother of three and immigrant to this country, I am able to understand where our clients come from, their dreams, their doubts, their challenges and, most importantly, where they want to go and what really matters most,” says Di Mauro.

Urban Key’s Family-First Philosophy

According to Di Mauro, her primary reason for focusing Urban Key Realty so intensely on the family comes back to her core beliefs: The key to building family wealth and setting your family on the right course in life comes down to the area where you choose to live.

“Ask any parent what the one thing is they wish for their kids. I am sure most of us will say we want them to be happy,” says Di Mauro. “I firmly believe that where we live has a tremendous effect on our family’s overall happiness.

However, she adds that it’s not unusual for a family’s wants and needs to change and evolve, even during the course of the same home search. That’s why Urban Key Realty stays agile and adaptable to a family’s desires during each stage of the buying process.

“Each family has their own set of needs that translate into different aspects of the home,” says Di Mauro. “That also changes with time, especially with our kids’ ages.”

Growing with Your Family

It’s that passion and devotion to the families she serves that has helped Di Mauro grow Urban Key Realty into a team of eight agents. Just as your family’s needs will change with time, Urban Key Realty will evolve with you throughout your family’s home buying and selling (and buying again) cycle. The team understands all too well that the decision you make about your home is one of the keys to building wealth and prosperity for your family. By relying on Urban Key’s professional and family-focused guidance, you can be assured that you are making the right choice regarding where your family lives and grows together.

“Families have very particular and fluid dynamics, and when you are making such an important decision as buying a home in which you will live for years, you need to not only be able to understand what you really need right now but also to anticipate future family needs,” says Di Mauro. “When we live every day in a place we love, that feels comfortable for our family, that goes with our lifestyle, that accommodates our needs, we are starting off every day from a better place.”

To get started buying or selling your next home with Paula Di Mauro and her team at Urban Key Realty, visit
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Last modified: August 15, 2021