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Best Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Dog

Now that summer is in full swing, your dog is probably itching to get outside just as much as you are. Bring your four-legged friend along on your adventures.

Best Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Dog

Summertime outings with friends are memories that last a lifetime—and your dog is your best friend. Your pup needs serotonin just as much as you do, and what better way to get those happy feelings flowing than an adventure in the wild? These are the best outdoor activities to do with your dog, hands (and paws) down.


Give your canine friend a change of scenery! Get a doggie-sized camping tent, set it up right next to yours, and go on lots of wilderness walks. You’ll both enjoy the fresh air, and your dog will have plenty of new sights and smells to explore.


Next time you go out on the water, bring your pup with you. Make sure that your boat has marine-grade flooring to prevent slipping and sliding. Your dog will enjoy the wind in their fur and the road trip feel of tooling around the lake or marina.


Speaking of water, a nice dip is as good for your four-legged friend as it is for you. (They don’t call it a “doggie paddle” for nothing!) It’s a low-impact form of exercise for both of you; if your dog is getting on in years or has arthritis, swimming is extra friendly on their joints.

Dog Parks

You may already be taking your dog to the park, but summertime is an excuse to go every day! Introduce your buddy to other dogs and give them lots of (supervised) playtime together.

Obstacle Course

Set up hoops, old tires, and cones in your backyard and lead your pup along on an agility course! This will break up the monotony of daily walks and indoor play. You can even set up the sprinkler to add an aquatic element.

Doggie Days

Many summertime attractions, like outdoor wine tastings and minor-league baseball games, have scheduled days and times when dog owners can bring their canine buddies along. Show your pup some culture!

When you head outside this summer, don’t leave your dog pawing at the door. Bring your buddy along on a variety of adventures; these are the best outdoor activities to do with your dog. Take advantage of the season and spend some quality time with your four-legged friend!

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