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Get Peace of Mind with a Solar Battery System

With a solar battery system from Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, you can spend the year free of worries — even during Florida’s unpredictable hurricane season.

Hurricane season is here, and South Floridians know it’s time to get prepared. If the worst does happen, Cutler Bay Solar Solutions has an option for your home that is definitely worth a closer look: an Enphase Battery Storage system to accompany their solar panels.

What Is Enphase Battery Storage?

If you already have Cutler Bay Solar Panels on your home, then you know about their performance, reliability and dependability. They’re rated to withstand wind speeds of up to 175 mph, so you know they’ll stand strong through the worst of storms. But if you haven’t heard of Enphase Battery Storage, then it’s time to take your solar power to the next level.

In the simplest of terms, Enphase is a series of batteries that store the solar energy collected by your home’s solar panels. If a tropical storm or hurricane hits and your electricity goes out, it becomes a battery backup system for the electrical grid, powering your home until grid power can resume.

“A typical grid-tied solar system is still connected to the electric company. Therefore, when the electrical grid goes down, so does your solar system,” says Andrew Ortega, director of sales at Cutler Bay Solar Solutions. “With the addition of battery storage, you can now store this energy for future use. When the grid goes down, Enphase Battery Storage seamlessly takes over, and you have uninterrupted power.”

How Does It Work?

The key to the Enphase Battery Storage system is clean, safe and reliable lithium-ion phosphate (LFP) batteries. These have been shown to last longer and retain more power than other batteries on the market.

What’s more, a system professionally installed by Cutler Bay will work flawlessly with both your solar panels and the power grid. In the event of an outage, a transfer switch flips, and your home is automatically powered by the Enphase system until the power comes back on. It can even continue to power your air conditioner.

“Enphase Storage is designed to be worry-free! It has features like Storm Guard that will automatically track weather systems and prioritize backup power if a storm is detected,” says Kara Amador, director of marketing at Cutler Bay Solar Solutions. “Here in South Florida, we are all familiar with lengthy power outages and the difficulties that come with them. Eliminating power outages also eliminates the worry of spoiled food, uncharged devices or sitting inside with no AC.”

Since the system is continually collecting energy from solar panels during the day, really the only limit to the system is the number of panels and the size of your Enphase system. “With the proper size of solar system and battery, Enphase Storage can keep your home running indefinitely,” says Ortega.

Since everyone’s needs may differ, talk to a professional to make sure you have the right solution for your home.

Advantages of Enphase

Those familiar with backup generators will love the transition to a solar battery backup system. The system is cleaner, quieter and safer than a generator; and, of course, it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. The system itself is a wall-mounted unit roughly the size of a chest of drawers, so it also won’t take up much space in your home.

Enphase Battery Storage is reasonably priced compared to its competitors in the market. The average Enphase installation can save the homeowners thousands over the lifetime of the unit compared to a diesel or propane generator. “With FPL raising their rates by 20%, the cost of going solar is extremely affordable,” says Amador. “Why pay never-ending rate increases when you can produce your own power at a fraction of the cost, all while making an environmental impact and leaving a better future for tomorrow?”

Enphase Battery Storage also allows you to monitor consumption, performance and other key stats conveniently from an app on your phone or tablet.

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions is located at 10482 SW 186 Terr. To learn more about the Enphase Battery Storage system and get a free quote for your home, call 305.280.0638 or visit cbsolar.miami.

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