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Fun Ideas To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Are you planning a wedding ceremony and want something extra special to make it more memorable? Check out these fun ideas to make your wedding stand out.

Fun Ideas To Make Your Wedding Stand Out

When it comes to weddings, we’ve pretty much seen it all. There’s a white dress, a black tux, and hushed silence. The only noise left is that of your guests shuffling on hard pews in an attempt to get comfy during the ceremony. For the most part, weddings tend to be very dry and predictable events.

There’s no reason yours has to stick to the same unexciting look and style! For couples, getting married is a great way to express themselves and their love for each other. Rather than planning for boring details, mix it up with fun ideas to make your wedding stand out.

Get the Dress She Wants

Women in the west have had to wear blank dresses for centuries. White is the traditional colour for wedding dresses county durham, as well as in America and around the world, and has been known to be very beautiful when it comes to the bride finding the dress of her dreams. However, some may say that is a tradition that, nowadays, most people don’t care for or even want to follow. As such, some people have been left divided about whether they want a white wedding dress at all.

Mix it up with what you want, or even swap out the usual palettes. Imagine the bride in a sleek and mysterious black dress and the groom in a stunning white tuxedo. Opting for an evening gown, cocktail dress, or personalized, unique looks are some fun ideas to make your wedding stand out.

Have Fun With the Photo Ops

Taking photos doesn’t have to be a dull affair either. Most weddings have a photographer roaming for random shots plus a few portraits of the bride and groom. Why not include the guests as well?

Consider adding fun photo props for guests to grab whenever the photographer comes around. You’re guaranteed to get a few amazing candid shots that way. It’s also easy to rent a photo booth to give your guests a little privacy to create a few fun and funny memories.

Be Creative With Guest Attire

If the bride and groom aren’t going for traditional attire, there’s no reason your guests should either. The rules of what wedding-goers should wear have always been open. You can make it even more interesting with a theme as well.

It’s easy to add a dress code to the invite. So, play around with different ideas. Having a crowd wearing assorted hues, matching colors, or even following an extra fancy or very casual dress code will make looking back on the photos even more fun.

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