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Signs That Your Semi-Truck Needs Service

Signs That Your Semi-Truck Needs Service

Semi-trucks have the potential to be dangerous vehicles in the best of times, but that danger intensifies when the truck begins to experience mechanical failure. The most reliable way to eliminate these potential threats is to have your vehicle inspected regularly. Still, there may be times when your truck begins to deteriorate earlier than expected. Keep an eye out for the signs that your semi-truck needs service to avoid any complications.

Colored Exhaust

Every fuel-burning vehicle produces exhaust, but the color of the plumes can indicate a specific problem with your vehicle’s engine. When it comes to your truck, look out for these colors of exhaust:

  • Blue smoke spews from the exhaust pipe, which may be a sign that there is an oil leak.
  • White smoke signifies that the cooling system is beginning to malfunction.
  • Black smoke means that your engine is burning gas at an above-average rate.

None of these colors mean anything positive for your truck. The moment you notice the oddly colored plumes of smoke, you need to take your truck to a mechanic.


While driving, repetitive vibrations with no apparent cause are typically a sign that your truck’s driveshaft is starting to fail. The drive shaft produces power to the wheels; without that shaft, the truck isn’t going to move anywhere. Allowing the driveshaft to fall into disrepair will render your truck immobile and useless.

Different Types of Vibrations

When it comes to your driveshaft failing, there are several types of vibrations you need to know. Each one is slightly different and can mean a separate problem for your driveshaft.

Engine Noises

Any noise coming from your truck’s engine compartment is generally not a good sign and should be looked at by a mechanic immediately. Usually, when one of your engine components deteriorates to the point of complete failure, it manifests itself as some kind of worrying sound. That is a sign that an issue has gone too long without being addressed and that there may be other problems afoot.

Never Wait on Repairs

Your vehicle may be one of the most expensive things that you own, so looking out for the signs that your truck needs maintenance should be your top priority. Going too long without service will mean nothing good, and the money you believe you may save by putting it off can result in higher repair costs as components weaken further.

Emily Joswiak
Author: Emily Joswiak

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