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The Local Community Honored At Tower Theater On Cuban Independence Day

Solis Health Plans, a Medicare Advantage company, commemorated Cuban Independence Day on Thursday, May 20th with an exclusive screening of “Plantados,” a dramatic film that shines a spotlight on the true story of the brave political prisoners who rebelled against the Castro regime while incarcerated in Cuba from the 1960s to the 1990s. The film documents the heroes known as “plantados” – a cause close to the heart of Solis’ CEO Daniel Hernandez and his family.

“This is a powerful film about a topic that cannot be ignored,” says Hernandez. “The human rights violations which occurred in Cuba — and continue to occur — is a cause that my family and I are passionate about. We are pleased to be have been able to provide a platform to share this important film with our local community.”

In attendance at the event were real plantados, the actual Cubans who suffered in the prisons and whose experience provided the inspiration for the film. Writer and director of the film Lilo Vilaplana was also present to honor the patriotism of these men. During the evening’s welcome remarks, he was presented with a special plaque by the actors in the film and the Commissioner of the City of Miami and former mayor Xavier Suarez. In addition to sponsoring the event, Solis Health Plans and the Hernandez Family Foundation donated a combined $10,000 for the organization Plantados Hasta la Democracia y Libertad which provides support to the families of the plantados.

A truly local company, Solis and its staff have deep roots in the South Florida community, as well as a proud Cuban heritage. The commemorative event was hosted in the Cuban cultural epicenter of Calle Ocho at the Tower Theater. More than 75 seniors in the local community attended the event, invited by Solis Health Plans partner provider Bienestar Health Center.

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